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Are You Suffering From the Haze?
10nd Oct 2015

High levels of air pollution can cause problems for people with heart and lung conditions, young children and the elderly. Even for people with no previous health problems, it is advisable to avoid spending too much time outdoors until the haze has improved.

Air Pollution Index (API) measures the air quality and during these last few days Tawau has seen readings of up to 133.

API Air Pollution Level
0 – 50 Good
51 – 100 Moderate
101 – 200 Unhealthy
201 – 300 Very unhealthy


Here are 7 ways of protecting yourself from some of the unhealthy effects of the air pollution:

1. Stay indoors with closed doors as far as possible

2. Roll up the windows of your car if you are driving

3. Avoid vigorous outdoor activities

4. Use an air-conditioner in your home to help remove pollutants

5. Drink more water – this helps flush out toxins

6. Cut down on coffee and alcohol – these increase fluid loss

7. Wear a mask when outside for long periods