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Are All Carbs Unhealthy?
11th Nov 2015

There has been a lot of focus on cutting carbs recently and many of the popular diets these days are low carb. Remember our body converts carbohydrates to sugars. When we eat a bowl of rice, the rice is broken down to sugar in the stomach and gut. This then goes into our blood stream. This is why we can test sugar level by doing a blood sample. Having a high blood sugar level over time leads to higher risk of life-style diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes.

Are all carbs the same? The short answer is no. Pure sugar is a carbohydrate and if you consume a lot of sugar your blood sugar will rise very quickly and this is unhealthy. So, some carbs are worse than others. We split them into fast and slow-acting carbohydrates.

We should eat much less of the fast-acting carbohydrates. The fast-acting carbohydrates are converted very quickly to sugar and includes rice, glutinous rice, potatoes and white bread. Instead, we should take more of the slow carbohydrates, as these take longer to become sugar and are healthier for our bodies. This group includes rice noodles, soba and foods that are made from wholemeal.

For those that are interested to learn more about how fast different foods get converted to sugar, the University of Sidney has a good website ( where you can search for different foods. They rate food items on a scale of 1-100, know as the glycaemic index. They haven’t yet done the calculation for Durian, but I’m sure they will soon!