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Healthy Eating During Buka Puasa
6th Jun 2016



Ramadan is a time of physical and spiritual purification. However, if you are not careful you can end up with gastric discomfort and weight gain. Here are some simple tips for how to eat healthy and remain well during this period:

• The pre-dawn meal should be light, wholesome and contain food that gives energy for many hours.

• Eat foods that are similar to your usual meals, try to include all the major food groups: fruit & vegetables, bread & rice, meat & fish and milk & dairy.

• Do not take too much food that are heavily processed or deep-fried.

• Go for foods that are grilled, baked or shallow-fried instead.

• Remember to rehydrate with water, fruit juice or sports drinks.

• Avoid too much coffee and tea. These stimulate water loss through urination.

• If you plan to fast and have a medical condition such as diabetes, see your doctor first. It is important to get the right advice on how to adjust your medications and staying healthy.