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Zika Virus in Sabah!
9th Sep 2016


The Ministry of Health has confirmed local transmission of Zika virus in Sabah:

“The confirmation of the second case of Zika in Kota Kinabalu suggests that the virus is already present within our communities and new cases will continue to emerge.” Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Subramaniam Sathasivam.

Zika infection has been linked to severe birth defects where babies are born with abnormally small heads and underdeveloped brains. The disease spreads by infected mosquitoes biting humans. There have also been a few cases of transmission by sexual intercourse.

Symptoms of Zika:

  • rash
  • fever
  • headache
  • joint and muscle pain
  • eye infection (red eyes)


How to Prevent Zika:

  • Use insect repellant
  • Wear clothing that covers arms/legs
  • Use air conditioning where possible
  • Use insect netting
  • Stop mosquitos breeding by emptying items that hold water


TSPC can offer testing for Zika virus.

If you are worried that you have Zika virus, please make an appointment to see your Doctor.

Telephone +60 89 755 222