About Us


TSPC’s mission is to bring together the most experienced medical specialists, dedicated to delivering the highest quality of patient care. Our team works within excellent, purpose-built facilities with patient comfort as our top priority. We use state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated diagnostic equipment. This allows us to identify illness at the earliest stages and optimise your health and well-being for years to come. We take a holistic approach to healthcare and will treat you as a complete person. We believe in not only treating symptoms but also looking at the underlying causes of these

Let us take care of you and your family’s health.





Our vision is to become a recognised and trusted provider of high-quality private healthcare services for the local community, as well as the wider Asia Pacific region. TSPC is committed to delivering services that meets and exceeds our patients expectations. We believe in social responsibility and will conduct our business in a way that promotes social cohesion and contributes in a positive way to the community in which we operate. We will continue to invest in our people and support them with the facilities and infrastructure that allow them to deliver excellence.