• How can I make an appointment?

    Call: Please call +6089 755222 to make an informal enquiry or to book an appointment with one of our specialist.
    Walk-in: You can also attend the polyclinic without pre-arranged appointment. We can offer walk-in appointments for many specialists.
    Referral: We also take referrals from GP's, clinics and other specialists.

  • Do you see international patients?

    TSPC is pleased to offer our services to patients from the surrounding regions. We can help you decide on the appropriate appointments and medical treatments and our aim is to make your experience as trouble-free as possible.

  • Do you accept medical insurance?

    TSPC welcomes patients from a wide range of medical insurance programmes. The majority of insurers work on a reimbursement basis. Please contact your insurance company directly to enquire whether your programme covers the proposed investigation or treatment.

  • What do I need to bring?

    It will help your clinician if you can bring any previous laboratory results, investigation reports and medication that you may have been prescribed. This will allow us to make a more accurate assessment of your condition.